Pump and Pump Station Service and Repairs call Water Wheel Pumps

Water Wheel Pumps specialises in the maintenance and repair of pumps and pump stations. Pump problems, a pump emergency, need a pump system or are looking for a Sydney local pump service contact Water Wheel Pumps.

Preventative maintenance is an important factor in saving money, time and inconvenience. Flood damage in buildings is often devastating for families and businesses, but it is easily avoided by regular maintenance, including the inexpensive installation of high level alarms.

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Building services

pump services for commercial and industrial

Schools & universities

pump services for school and universities

Local government & councils

pump services for local councils and government

Hospitals & nursing homes

pump services for nursing homes and hositals


Waterwheel Pumps Services Available 24 /7

Waterwheel Pumps trained service personnel are available anytime to handle emergency situations.